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        ซุปเปอร์ สล็อต เครดิตฟรี 100

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        多完美 哇啊啊,我不要

        Old West Lodge | 16 minutes | 2015

        Set amidst drifts of snow in a desolate prairie winter, a weather-beaten lodge provides refuge for a disparate group of locals and travelers. Unlikely bonds form as each individual finds a way to move past isolation – freeing the lodge, and themselves, of the memories that haunt them.

        WNDX | Winnipeg 2015 | Jury Prize: Best Prairie Work

        digital 16mm super8 film owl

        Isolating Landscapes | 5 minutes | 2007

        A first exploration of narrative, Isolating Landscapes hints at relationship woes by mixing both spare and lush hand-crafted imagery with confessional text. Beautifully minimal scenes give way to denser moments, as when an ice-sculpture of an anatomical heart is hung, lantern-like, over a darkening street.

        experimentalfilm foundfootage handprocessing

        Heidi Phillips is an experimental filmmaker and installation artist from Manitoba, Canada with an affinity for the tactility of the filmic medium. Phillips’ often uses thrifted super 8 films, contact printing and darkroom experiments to push her work into new places. Phillips’ old school process frequently becomes part of the content, as grainy scratched films are merged with images lifted from found footage to create mesmerizing, transcendent works.

        Contact: heidi_phillips@hotmail.com

        experimentalfilm 16mm avantgarde abstract movingimages